Great for Decoupage

Jul 1, 2021

There aren’t many comicbook bargains on EebuygumBay in C21. In the early days of the auction site (now over 20 years ago) I used to win the odd treasures when people would put comics up for sale (without photos!) saying things like “20 old DC comics” with a £1 starting price and I’d take a punt and for £2 plus postage I’d win (although I didn’t know what to expect) early 1960s Green Lanterns and Showcases. Those were the days.

Recently I won 8 old Annuals for £9 advertised as “Great for Decoupage”. They aren’t in that bad a condition (I already own worse) and someone else would have put each of the books up at a £10 starting price.

Perhaps rather than me continuing to throw crap (usually published in the last 20 years) comics into the recycling bin I could have a go at Decoupage. Perhaps old Victors would make good wallpaper. I used to frequent a pub that was wallpapered in 1930s – 1950s newspapers.

In 1973/1974 Hallmark Minting Service Inc in the States produced three “Official Marvel Collectors Medallion-Coins” featuring Spider-man, the Hulk and (oddly) Conan the Barbarian. Interestingly each coin was individually numbered on the outer rim. These coins were available in Gold, Silver and Bronze. I wonder how many/how few Gold and Silver ones were produced? The cheaper Bronze ones were by far the biggest sellers as they were advertised for $2 in 1973 increasing to $2.50 by early 1974 in Marvel comics of the time. Buying three or six coins entitled you to a discount. People living in Michigan had to add a sales tax!


Hallmark offered a number of accessories to go with these Medallions/Coins. A Lucite Holder, Key Chain, Neck Chain, Money Clip, Bolo Tie, and Small or Large belt buckles. The Lucite holders and neck chains appear to have been the most popular. 

I believe that there were plans to produce further Medallions/Coins featuring other Marvel characters but this never happened. Currently someone is (trying to sell) selling a bronze Hulk coin and neck chain just like mine for an eye-watering £495.

How I came to purchase this 47 years ago is lost in the mists of time. I didn’t buy things directly from the States in those days but unusually this second advert contains a UK address and a price of £1.25 per coin. Did I send off then in mid 1974 or perhaps were they advertised in UK Marvel comics too?

The Spider-man coin naturally includes the quote “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. The Hulk coin has the quote “Within Each Of Us Oft Times There Dwells A Mighty Raging Fury”. It seems that was the first time that particular quotation was used regarding the Hulk. The quote next appeared on the back cover of a Marvel Treasury Edition large size comic in 1975.

PS: By the time we had reached the third ad in mid 1974 the UK price had increased to £1.75 each. The price of the comics climbed every few months in those days too.

Another UK reprint “album” that is misleading. The (Ditko) cover is from a 1958 Charlton comic but the interior contains no Charlton material at all. The reasons why they decided to add a “the” and remove the “worlds” we’ll never know.

It is full of Captain Future and similar stuff set in far flung (well it was in 1959) 2028. The team of The Buccaneers of Space consist of Slim and Tubby and Jock and the Prof etc. How original!

You have to admire G.T. Ltd’s audacity of inventing a ficticious seal of approval for their “albums”.

Sinister Tales

Jun 1, 2021

This early Alan Class comic is unusual for featuring three or four 1950s Atlas war strips that have never been reprinted again by Alan or anyone else. Mostly the main six Class comics contained SF/Horror/Fantasy fare. It seems early Class comics had adverts on the inside front cover and on the back cover. Admittedly the fist ad was for other books he was selling. The back cover was an ad for stamp collecting (we did that in those days for some reason?!?). For most of the runs of Alan’s comics they contained no adverts at all apart from a list of the other comics he was selling. I wonder why? Was it too much trouble or didn’t potential advertisers think the comics were selling in sufficient numbers compared to “proper” UK comics like Lion and Valiant etc?


Jun 1, 2021

Spellbound and Mystic were Len Miller’s final comics. Did he copy Alan Class or was it the other way round? These comics were similar to the Class comics, featuring old sf/horror/fantasy from ACG, Marvel/Atlas and Charlton mixed in with the odd Marvel Superheroics. In fact over the last year or so as the price of old comics have gone through the roof any UK reprint like this one from Len or Alan with Marvel heroes on the cover is now changing hands for silly money. When I was REALLY collecting comics, back issues (no matter how old or even if they were “key” issues) sold for half the cover price of new ones.


Jun 1, 2021

This bookmark fell out of an old book as I continue my ruthless reduction of my “library”. A quick look around the Interweb convinces me I’m right in chucking stuff in the wheely bin rather than waste time trying to sell it on EEbuygumbay. Blackies Annuals are selling for a couple of quid even though some are almost 100 years old!!

Lois says…………

Jun 1, 2021

And at last I finally own a copy once more. 


Jun 1, 2021

Spaceship Moon

May 1, 2021

It’s nearly 50 years since man walked on the Moon. Why have they never been back? Was there nothing interesting to see or perhaps was there too much to see that we perhaps didn’t ought to delve into too deeply?

This book asks us to look up with new eyes. It is obvious, they say, that the Moon couldn’t have got where it is by mere accident. Any loose satellite hurtling through space, even if by some million to one miracle it was attracted to Earth’s gravity rather than the Suns’ and decided to orbit us then the orbit would mathematically have ended up as an elongated ellipse.

The fact that the Moon circles Earth so neatly is too good to be true. The fact that the Moon is a quarter of the size of Earth makes it an unlikely satellite. All other moons circling other planets are much much smaller in relation to their parents.

Near side of the Moon

Some scientists say perhaps the Moon was formed at the same time as the Earth but the Apollo astronauts have brought back samples showing the Moon to be much older than Earth. 

So this book comes to the conclusion that actually the Moon is really an artificial satellite placed there eons ago by who knows who. It is a hollow metal sphere disguised by a two mile crust of dirt and rock. No matter how wide a crater on the surface, none are more than two miles deep. The smooth black areas we see are where the exterior metal of the spaceship is exposed.

Far side of the Moon

Instead of sending probes to Mars, didn’t we ought to be looking for the entrance that takes us inside spaceship Moon or are they scared of what they might find?

PS: Has this book been censored? It hasn’t been reprinted recently and copies in pretty average condition are currently selling for over £50 ????

Ideal gift

Apr 1, 2021

Are you wondering what to get for your grandson’s fast approaching first birthday?

This looks interesting but would have to wait until he was a year older.