One of the first DC comics I ever owned was Action Comics 303.It featured an advert for the classic 1963 Superman Annual No 7 which celebrated the character reaching the milestone of 25 years of publication. It took a few months before I tracked down a copy of this must-own periodical. I’m pleased to still be alive to see Superman’s current anniversary.

It’s only taken another 55 years for DC’s Action comics to reach its’ 80th anniversary and (with a little bit of jiggery and pokery) to also reach issue No 1000. It’s not too long ago that the final issue No 904 was produced, cover dated October 2011. Then they (stupidly in my opinion) started again at Volume 2 No 1 the following month (when most DC comics also reverted to number ones). After five years of the “New 52” in 2016 someone decided that reaching No 1000 might actually be a good idea after all. So adding the  904 Volume 1 issues to the 52 Volume 2 issues added up to 956. So instead of No 53 it jumped to No 957 and then the countdown was on. This countdown was speeded up as Action comics now needed to be purchased (but not by me!!)  twice a month. Actually No 1000 should have been a few months ago if they had included the odd extra comics of Vol 2 No 0 and the five different Vol 2 No 23s (the content of all five was different, not just the covers).

So here we are at issue number 1000. Produced with umpteen variant covers of course.