I couldn’t resist buying this comic recently. I owned a copy when it was first issued in the mid 1960s and immediately wished I’d spent the money more wisely. It was quickly disposed of. Now it just seems a nostalgic purchase. I was a big fan of “The Man from Uncle” and “Danger Man” on TV and “James Bond” on the big screen at the time and this was evidently a cash-in on the fad for secret agents from the UKs Thorpe and Porter.

There was only ever this one issue of “The Man from S.U.N.D.A.Y” with very good reason. The art is supposedly by Mick Anglo who had spent the previous ten years drawing  a quite acceptable  “Marvelman”. Perhaps he drew “Charles Rand” in the dark as the character’s heads, arms and legs don’t seem in the right proportion to their bodies.

To the best of my knowledge “Charles Rand” never appeared anywhere ever again. So he must therefore be the World’s most secret Secret Agent.