Syd Meats

Apr 27, 2008

Boothby Graffoe has the distinction of being the only comedian named after a Lincolnshire village. From 1988 to 1990 he had a manic weekly 2 hour radio show on BBC Radio Lincoln. An early adopter of the “zoo” format, Boothby filled the studio with friends, listeners and whoever would bring him free beer!

Very few records were played over the two hours. Much of the time was spent with Boothby’s stream-of-consciousness comedy, odd phone-ins and, most weeks, a topical humerous “sogne” (his spelling) from Syd Meats. Here are just two examples of Syd’s “art”.

Things I don’t like blues includes Syd’s misguided attempt halfway through a live performance to devise fresh lyrics only to find that “it didn’t work” !!

Snailscame about due to a news item at the time which claimed the EEC (European Economic Comunity) of which the UK is a member had reclassified the French delicacy of snails as a fish rather than as a meat. I believe the reference to “partial trousers” refers to a running joke in the show at the time regarding the torn jeans worn by Cher in a then current music video.

Syd has his own web site but his music doesn’t seem to be available there. I think its time for a Syd Meats revival.