In the 1970s I purchased all the weekly Music Newspapers then available in the UK. In those pre-Internet days weekly Music Newspapers were the only way to find info on your favourite bands.To make some very broad generalisations, “Melody Maker” was slightly serious and upmarket, having gone through Jazz and Folk Music phases. “Disc and Music Echo” and “Record Mirror” concentrated more on the Pop Singles Charts. “The New Musical Express” eventually re-invented itself as a champion of Punk and then Indie Music. “Sounds” seemed to feature more Rock and Heavy Metal. I favoured “The New Musical Express”  (which incidently is the only title of the above still being published as I write this but rumour has it that its days are numbered) yet I still bought “Sounds” each week just to read the half-page cartoon strip written and drawn by the yet to be famous “Curt Vile”.