Strange Tales Annual 1

Jun 12, 2008

This comic, along with Tales of Suspense 64 and an early Fantastic Four was my introduction to Marvel Comics. Before them I’d only ever come across DCs. Somehow I never threw this comic away and as I read it so often as a child I wrecked it so its never been in a good enough condition to sell!!

Here is a Strange Tales Annual 1 cover in far better condition than mine. However, unlike my issue this one lacks the Thorpe and Porter UK price stamp of 1/6d (One Shilling and Sixpence)!!

The above comics had been purchased from a Second-hand Book stall. The next Marvel Comic I bought (in fact the first NEW Marvel Comic I ever bought off the spinner racks) was Fantastic Four Annual 3 containing the Wedding of Reed and Sue and a cast of thousands. The rest, as they say, is history……………