Jun 23, 2008

Atlas Comics

For a few months in the mid 1970s Seaboard adopted the name “Atlas” and attempted a line of colour comics. The initial impetus soon faded with most titles lasting only 3 or 4 issues. Their black and white magazines fared no better. Devilina only appeared twice.

And yet the contents of this first issue weren’t bad at all and contained a well-crafted adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”.

They must have decided on the title “Devilina” very late in the day. The magazine was originally to be called “Tales of the Sorceress”. This advert actually appeared in Devilina No 1. With haphazard editing like that you know the company is going nowhere fast.

I always wanted to send off for some “Sea Monkeys”. In fact there was loads of stuff in those classified ads of the comics of the 1960s and 1970s that we in the UK could only drool over from afar.

“Weird Tales of the Macabre”, one of Seaboard’s other short-lived black and white magazines also had an advert for the shortly to be renamed “Tales of the Sorceress”.

Now where have I seen this cover before?