The Goblin

Jul 3, 2008

In 1982 as we approach the last days of Warren Magazines, The Goblin appeared for 3 issues. The title strip was drawn by the veteren Lee Elias. Lee had been responsible for the (original) Black Cat in the late 1940s/1950s.


Most of the strips in The Goblin were tongue-in-cheek humorous like “Wizard Wormglow”. There was even a colour comicbook-sized middle section featuring the Troll Patrol.

The premise of the title story was that a teenager living in Harlem had found a book of Magic Incantations and could turn himself into “The Goblin”. His younger brother also found the book with disasterous consequences (ie: alien invaders and an army batallion are accidentally transported from the other side of the universe/World War 2 into Harlem !!)

My favouite strip in “The Goblin” has to be “The Micro Buccaneers”. They are space pirates who decide to pillage planet earth. Alas this proves to be difficult as they are only a quarter of an inch tall !!

Luckily the trip proves a success after all when they find a bar where they can replenish their “grog” supplies.

And doesn’t the Hobgoblin remind you of Ogri a certain Norse God of Thunder ?