A.P. Dangerfield

Jul 7, 2008

Even now I still don’t know why I bought this record (unheard) in 1968. Perhaps it was in the bargain box on top of the record shop counter. Perhaps I mixed it up with H.P Lovecraft or J.R. Tolkein?

Anyway the massive flop that is A.P. Dangerfield’s “Conversations in a Station Light Refreshment Bar” is as boring as it sounds. It bores you some more on side two where the dirge continues as “Further Conversations”‘. (Although perhaps its not the worst music I’ve ever heard. That would be anything sung by Pinky and Perky or any instrumental that labelled itself “trance”, “techno” or “acid house”.)

John Carter had a hand in writing the tune. He’d already had a number of catchy hits like “Lets go to San Francisco” and “We love the Pirate stations” and would be involved in “Beach baby” and others by First Class that could be found on JKs UK Records label in the 1970s.

I believe these A.P. Dangerfield tracks once appeared on an obscure CD collecting old Fontana singles that is no longer available and probably sold less copies even than the obscure singles it championed. 

PS. I’ve just been mildly amused by some of the stuff now being posted on YouTube. An odd trend seems to have begun involving singles from before the advent of MTV and Video. People are just playing old singles and filming the records spinning around on a record player. I’ve just been entertained by the great Harry J. and the Allstars instrumental “Liquidator.” Then if you follow a few links you find football fans in dispute over which club “owns” this tune. So far it seems to be a choice between Chelsea, Fulham and Wolverhampton Wanderers.