John Spencer Comics

Jul 17, 2008

I admit to knowing virtually nothing about John Spencer Publishing. I bought a few of these black and white comics around 1966/1967 from the local newsagents when I’d exhausted their supplies of “proper” comics. According to the always knowledgeable Steve Holland (who has scans of a few more John Spencer Publishing comic covers at ) there could be a couple of dozen issues published across five or six different titles.

The material appears to be English (or European?) rather than American in origin. The artwork is crude yet effective. Some of the horror elements seem quite gruesome. If these stories are reprints I have no idea where they originally appeared. Perhaps they aren’t reprints. The E-Type Jaguar drawn here was first seen in series one form at the 1961 Motor show I believe.

There were three other companion comics available published “at regular intervals” whatever that may mean. I doubt that many still exist. I am aware of people who collect the Miller/Atlas/Alan Class comics but does ANYONE collect these obscure and un-loved books I wonder? I’d love to learn more about this forgotten comic publisher.