Sep 19, 2008

Another UK Anthology magazine that must have seemed like a good idea at the time was “Strip”. Despite the attractive (albeit reprinted) artwork of Don Lawrence’s “Storm” in the first few issues the magazine folded at issue 20 in 1990.

The usual suspects were to be found within the pages of “Strip”.

Here is another failure. “Point-Blank” was a UK monthly meant to feature the best of European comic art. Although there was masses to choose from they must have had a change of heart as the magazine only lasted a mere two issues.

“Zones” was another of the UK’s periodic DC reprint titles “for mature readers”. Initially bi-monthly it did contain a number of classic strips.

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  1. majikal2007 Says:

    Hi,Just a quick thank you for such a well imformed british blog.I have spent the best part of today sifting through as much of your posts as i could find,and i have been very entertained.I figure that you must be at least close to my own age group[51] you have expierienced much of what i went through in my formative years and by jingo we have sooo much in common it HURTS!!.Becaus of a slight tech problem i cant get sound on my battered 3rd gen P/C,but looking at your sound samples has made me intent on getting a new one or a repair A.S.A.P.!
    Cant wait till your next post
    Keep on Keepin wishes
    majikal2007.Bham U.K.

  2. themagicrobot Says:

    You’re welcome and yes you’re right about being 17 for the third time round…ish. I was puzzled why stuff that interested me didn’t show up in any searches so I thought I may as well entertain myself with this blog! I hope that at least a few of the people who stumble upon this backwater of the Interweb either by accident or design are amused (if not just downright puzzled).
    My next post might not be much use to you…but even if your PC won’t produce any sound you can always save and listen later….

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