The Modds

Oct 23, 2008

Its always worth checking out for some obscure yet oh so catchy (and sometimes scratchy) singles. Why is there no date on this single ?? Who were the Modds ?? Andy Warhol said that in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. I never will be and neither will the Modds. Yet this charming tune is ten times better than most of the stuff I’ve heard on the radio today.

PS: For completeness I really must include the “b” side “Leave my House” here. Although it hardly sounds like the same band it is probably nearer to how they would have sounded live than the “a” side. It sounds like the amps were turned up to 11 as the guitar and vocal drowns out whatever other instruments were there at the time.

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  1. John George Says:

    I was one of the Modds. It consisted of Steve Simone, John George, Eddie Simone, and SteveEllis. All were from Poplar Bluff Missouri. High School students at the time. I was the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. The record was published by Earl Barton.
    Jerry Mcdaniels, and Bill Harper were both DJ’s at KLID radio in Poplar Bluff, and managed the band.

  2. themagicrobot Says:

    Hi John
    It’s an honour to hear from you. This tune really is one of my favourites at the moment (and everyone I’ve played it to digs it too.) As you know I’ve “borrowed” the mp3 file from GarageHangover. I hope you (and they for that matter) don’t mind. But lets face it..without the Internet I wouldn’t ever have heard it. I just wish I had a less scratchy version! This song has a timeless quality and could have been recorded anytime between 1960 and 1970. I’m guessing 1966-1967 ?? The “b” side sounds like it was recorded live in one take and from the guitar on there I’m sure you would have been a great live garage band.
    All the best.

  3. john george Says:

    You nailed it. 1965-1966. We had alot of fun those days. I have been searching for some of the band, thats how I stumbled upon this site.
    Thanks, all those wonderful memories are coming back.

  4. themagicrobot Says:

    Hope you get re-united with the other band members at some point. What then? A world tour? Anyway it sounds like you are still having musical fun with The Flamm City Band Its ironic that despite only 500 copies of your first single being pressed all those years ago (and I wonder how many of those went to friends and family!) it is generating interest now. Do any of the other tracks you recorded for that potential Modds LP still exist? I’m sure the Garage-band experts at (and me too) would love to hear them.

  5. Raymond Dumont Says:

    Hi John
    You said on the garagehangover site about the MODDS that “Earl Barton called after the release of our record, and asked us to write eight more songs for an album, which we did. The only other original song of the eight for the album I remember is called “Make Loose Ends Meet”. I remember it because its the only one I wrote, a nice little ballad.”
    Were these songs just written or also recorded? I would love to hear that.
    Raymond from Switzerland

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