I Want One !!

Dec 5, 2008


Sid reminded me of the fascinating adverts in the DC comics of the 1960s. I coveted a “GI Joe” and an Iverson “Chopper” bike as advertised in the comics for years. By the time “Action Man” and the “Raleigh Chopper” bike appeared in the UK I was too old for such things. Being on the wrong side of the Atlantic ocean there wasn’t much point in me cutting out a coupon for Palisades Park but I did anyway.


I can’t recall my Frankenstein’s Monster model ever glowing in the dark. These must have appeared later. And talking of Radioactivity, how about a Nuclear Submarine with “controls that work” for the bargain price of $6.98 !!!


I cannot imagine what sort of missiles could be fired from this (presumably cardboard) tank.


This “Fright Factory” stuff seems even more peculiar than the items available from the myriad of odd ads in the classified pages of 1960s Marvel comics.


And Marvel comics “Not Brand Echh” contained this spoof advert which actually now seems quite a good idea !!