Contrail or Chemtrail ??

Mar 30, 2009

These days conspiracy theories are everywhere.
Will the world end in 2012 when we have a close encounter with Planet X ??
Is the Earth (or the Moon) hollow ??
Are the ruling elite really Lizards in disguise ??

You can go on and on with this kind of speculation. But there is one odd thing that is visible daily that few people seem to comment on.


These endless aeroplane contrails (condensation trails) in the sky over virtually every urban development on the planet. They are observed (by the few that actually bother to look up above their heads) across the USA, the UK, Europe, Australia etc etc.

I have watched them above my house. I assume they are flying every day, weekends included. Of course you only see them on clear days. However the days aren’t clear for long once they’ve arrived.There are usually at least two planes, sometimes more, flying back and forth. Nothing delights them more than playing “noughts and crosses” and flying through an earlier contrail to complete the “x”.

When I point them out to anyone else they dismiss me saying they are just planes going to and from our nearest airport 30 miles away. I reply that if that was the case it must be the busiest airport in Europe. They are not lots of different planes. They are the same few planes flying around all day. The regular scheduled flights are easy to spot. They fly much higher on a level course. Their contrails are thin and fade quickly.

The planes I am concerned about seem to leave thick, long contrails at strange angles in the sky. The trails hang in the sky after they have moved on for at least 30 minutes before fading. If you are into conspiracy theories and look around the Internet you find people calling this vapour “Chemtrails”. They suspect the Government is spraying us with chemicals, or trying to prevent Global-warming or hiding UFOs or who knows what else.

I’m just curious. If its military exercises its a waste of money. If it really is scheduled aircraft why are they drawing “x”s in the sky. If they are spraying us with chemicals is it doing us good or bad ????

Have you looked up to the sky recently ?????

2 Responses to “Contrail or Chemtrail ??”

  1. zanmedia Says:

    They’ve been doing this since 1998, heavier during the approach of rain, here in Northern Cal they don’t fly at all during the summer months,
    yet there have been no reports of metal in the water supply.There have been no major media reports on this except for KNBC in LA and a small Arkansas TV station.
    No One seems too concerned about it, despite the rise in allergies and respiratory problems.

  2. Dave White Says:

    Type the words contrails over uk into Google’s search engine and you get some interesting references listed.

    I remember back in the 60s when the local airshow would be graced by the V-bomber, which invariably would cloudbust and result in our parade well and truly rained on.

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