Marvelman Junior

Apr 4, 2009

After more than 10 years you’d think that L. Miller & Co Ltd would know the name of one of their Super Heroes but by 1963 as sales declined there seems to have been some confusion.


The final Young Marvelman hardback Annual was issued for Xmas 1963. The title of the book now calls the character “Marvelman Junior” and yet throughout the book are “Young Marvelman” stories from the 1950s comic of the same name. And he obviously still sports his “YM” logo !!


There has already been much written on the Internet about Marvelman and The Marvelman Family (as opposed to Captain Marvel and The Marvel Family) and their 1980s revival. The adult character “Marvelman” had to cry out “Kimota” to transform himself. This Young/Junior version merely had to cry “Marvelman” to gain his powers. Tragedy would befall him many years later when he fell into the clutches of Dez Skinn and Alan Moore.


2 Responses to “Marvelman Junior”

  1. suzanne Says:

    I have just found a copy of the Marvelman Jr annual in an old trunk. It’s the second one featured above, 1963 flying in space.
    It has a 3″ tear on the spine and a little scuffing on the edges of the covers but no scribbling inside.
    Does it have any value?
    Not sure if I understand how to view your response…could you e mail me please.

  2. Hi Suzanne. I’m not sure if I understand your comment “Not sure if I understand how to view your response”.
    Its always difficult to get top prices for comics and books unless they are in pristine condition and attic finds mostly don’t fit into that criteria.
    Some hopeful soul is trying to sell a couple of earlier “Young Marvelman” Annuals on eBay at the moment for over £50 each. I would have thought £15 – £20 for them (and yours) is nearer the mark. Lets face it they aren’t as common as Beano Annuals………..

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