Black Cat

Apr 22, 2009


The first and best Black Cat was this Harvey Comics heroine often drawn by Lee Elias. She didn’t actually have any super powers…unless you count the ability to hurtle about on her bike in a skimpy costume without apparantly feeling the cold !! She was however an expert in Judo and martial arts as well as having a “secret identity” as a movie star. As the fad for super heroes waned in the 1950s she traded her motorbike for a horse. Towards the end she no longer even appeared in her own comic when it was renamed “Black Cat Mystery” !!

One of her highly effective ways of defeating the villains was by landing on top of them from a great height !!



In 1963 Harvey tried again with The Black Cat. Finding back issues of these comics in the late 1960s sent me on a quest to obtain (then amazingly reasonably priced) Golden Age comics featuring this character.





I wonder why the last panel was printed sideways ?? It looks like it really ought to have been a full page pin-up.


The Black Cat’s “Judo Tricks” were evidently popular enough to be mentioned on the covers. Actually I practiced all these on my younger brother and they would prove to be of value when used against a real potential mugger who didn’t expect me to push him backwards whilst using my leg to sweep his legs off the ground. Remember that one. Thanks Black Cat !!

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  1. CKS Says:

    In Black Cat #1, the first issue from 1946, was there a story entitled “The Story of the Fighting Chetniks”?

  2. themagicrobot Says:

    Yes there was. “Golden Age” comics at the time were generally 52 pages and packaged with a variety of strips which could be anything from funny animals to horror or in this case war… more specifically the then quite recent 1941 German invasion into Yugoslavia. It is an interesting (uncredited) strip that reads as if the writer was there (or had family there) at the time. Many Serbs who had supported the exiled King left the country in 1946 and settled in the USA and the UK. I knew someone who lost many family members in Yugoslavia in 1941 in identical circumstances to this story and who,as a teenager,fought with the Chetniks. He could almost have been the Draja Drailovich featured in this comic strip from his accounts of those days. Alas I attended his funeral a few years ago. His coffin was draped with the Chetnik flag.

    Here is the first page of the strip in question………….
    link removed

  3. CKS Says:

    The link to the first page of the Chetniks strip does not work. Is it possible to post the photo on the website?

  4. themagicrobot Says:

    Thats odd. I’ve just tried it. Works fine for me. I’ll send you the whole story as a pdf file.

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