Jonathan King

May 15, 2009

The former radio and TV broadcaster, newspaper journalist and pop song producer Jonathan King also found time to record a few hundred pop songs himself. Quite a few actually made the UK pop music charts in the 1960s and 1970s. Ironically one of the best singles he ever recorded never made the BBC Top 40.


“Round Round” was released in the UK in 1967 on the Decca label and looking at this sheet music it was evidentally also released in the USA on the Parrot label (as had been his 1965 UK hit “Everyone’s Gone To the Moon”). This catchy song received considerable airplay on the offshore pirate radio stations of the time. It even featured in pirate Radio London’s Top 40. Perhaps the Beeb “banned” it because of the drug references it contained although it was saying that drugs were/are a bad thing.

“Round, round out of your mind.
You think you’re seeing things.
I know you’re blind.
A million bright colours
Explode in your head.
Today you’re just high.
Tomorrow you’re dead !!!”


JK often successfully covered American or European pop songs.(“Let it all Hang Out”, “Hooked on a Feeling”, “Flirt”, “Una Paloma Blanca” to name but a few.) But it is his own material found on “b” sides and LPs that I find the most interesting. Even the 1970s hits have been airbrushed out of the oldies radio stations playlists for various reasons that have nothing to do with even whether the music was good (sometimes), bad (sometimes) or diabolically bad (often). But if you see any singles in the charity shops that say sung by, produced directed or conceived by JK (often on his own UK  label) give them a listen. You may be pleasantly surprised.