Its all Relative

May 16, 2009

Yarmouth 1932

This Blog will take a back seat for a week or two (as if it ever took a front seat !!) whilst I begin scanning old photos and finally make a start on my family tree.
Prompted by a relative who lives in Canada I’d really like to sort all these family photos whilst there are still people alive to put names to faces. The next generation has no interest but at least I can digitally preserve these windows into another world. The above picture from 1932 includes my father then aged 4.

In the 1930s a camera was a luxury not every family could afford. Many of the holiday snaps I have from that time were taken when family members took day trips to the coast. Professional photographers were plentiful there and wooden props were available for “humorous” shots. Sometimes the photographers would just take pictures of people walking along the promenade and then try and sell the photos. Presumably you had to return to the photographer a few hours later when the pictures had been developed.