Bond Equipe GT4S

Jun 13, 2009

Bond Equipe GT4S

My first car was a Triumph Herald 13/60. This was shortly followed by a Bond Equipe GT4S. Although I have fond memories of this vehicle it really was in diabolical condition for a 10 year old car. Bond Cars of Preston built a few thousand of these hybrid coupes between 1964 and 1970. This particular model featured a glassfibre body upon a Triumph Herald chassis with a Triumph Spitfire Mk 2 1200cc twin carb engine (Mk 3 1296cc for the years 1967 – 1970). Unfortunately they also used the metal Triumph Herald bulkhead, floorpan and doors. With zero rustproofing in those days and only a cursory coat of paint they rusted away from the underneath faster than an early 1960s Vauxhall Victor.

Bond Equipe GT4S2

British cars were evidentally easier to sell in the 1960s. Amazingly 2505 Bond Equipe GT4S cars were produced.There were also 444 of the earlier GT model and 1431 of the later (bodily revised) Equipe 2 litre in Mk 1, Mk2 and convertible form. I still own a 1967 Equipe 2 litre Mk 1 in white and rust (which is a story for another day).

PS: If you’re looking for more stuff about Bond cars (in their three and four wheel versions) go here.

PPS: Of course when I was younger/stronger/stupider it seemed to be a good idea to fix the rust by seperating body and chassis for easy access. A junior hacksaw blade “soon” cut through the mounting bolts and then it was the “simple” task of a person grasping each rear wheelarch and lifting. Nothing happened. I then remembered the handbrake cable was still connected. Once that was disconnected the car was in two halfs !!!


PPPS: Yes I know the rear outriggers under the boot floor are “wrong”. As far as I’m aware even when the cars were new these parts were unavailable. You just had to buy the Triumph Herald/Vitesse items and shorten them to suit. Also note the toe-in of the rear wheels without the weight of a body. Braking and/or taking your foot off the accelerator at speed on a tight bend in many of the early models of Equipe/Herald/Vitesse/Spitfire or GT6 could re-create this effect with dire consequences. To prevent the hassle of being upside down in a ditch or embedded in someone’s front garden wall the solution was to hang on tight and accelerate around bends !!!  Often the vehicles handled better with the weight of four occupants or (my own favourite solution) two or three paving slabs installed in the boot !!