39 years ago today

Jun 22, 2009


No I can’t remember what I was doing 39 years ago this week. But its quite possible that I was watching the clock and waiting for the school bell before calling in at the Newsagents where I could well have purchased this issue of the weekly DC Thompson comic “Wizard” No 20 cover dated Monday 27th June 1970.


All the stories and art seemed to be done by “old” men and even in the dawning of the 70s the strips looked like they had been produced in the 1950s. In fact lots of UK comic strips at the time could be rehashed from 10 or 20 years earlier. One of my favourites was “The truth about Wilson” which was probably coming around again for the third or fourth time by the 1970s.


Often a popular concept like “The Steel Claw” from IPCs Valiant could be adapted by DC Thompsons to produce something like this similar-but-different “The Clutching Hand”.


What I do remember about the summer of 1970 is England not winning the World Cup as they had done 4 years earlier. I also recall attending my first ever pop concert to see Mungo Jerry (then at the top of the charts with “In the Summertime”).

Listen to what I was listening to on the radio at the time here.

Radio Northsea International in disguise as Radio Caroline 1970.