Sounds Interesting

Jul 15, 2009


ITEM:   Matthew Robson has been in the news recently. He is a 15 year old teenager who wrote a report for Morgan Stanley entitled How Teenagers Consume Media. According to the newspapers “Today he is the talk of Tokyo, Wall Street and the City. Fund Managers, CEOs and analysts are poring over his report.” This proves that Bankers are even more out of touch than I thought and there is little wonder we have seen the recent economic collapse. Put your money under the mattress.

Matthew’s report explains how teenagers don’t read newspapers or buy CDs. They rarely visit the cinema and never listen to the radio. They prefer to get their entertainment for free from the Internet (basically because they don’t have much money). BitTorrent and pirate DVDs are teenager’s formats of choice as they cost little or nothing. Obvious really. If I was the head of a Record Company I’d have been getting worried years ago !!!

ITEM:    When I was a teenager, all those (pre-digital, pre-Internet) years ago I didn’t buy much music either. The radio was my main source of entertainment. Pirate stations played chart/pop music but if you dug deeper late at night you could find broadcasts of a more adult/underground format from the likes of Radio Seagull and before that Radio Geronimo which is where I first heard Country Joe and the Fish and The Fugs. here is a couple of minutes from a tape of mine with an example of their late-night, laid-back, 1970s-style boadcasts.  I believe the photo below shows the guys responsible for Radio 428/Radio Geronimo.

Radio 428 - Radio Geronimo

ITEM:   On the same tape I came across this oddity. There have been a few stations calling themselves Radio Sovereign over the years. This extremely short-lived one from 1970 pretended to be an offshore pirate radio station when they were really an (illegal) land-based pirate radio station. 

Radio Sovereign Xmas Day 1970.