More Nasty Tales

Aug 17, 2009

Nasty Tales3

Perhaps they were inviting trouble by heading this magazine with the phrase “The one you’ve all been waiting for kids”. Despite an “Adults only” on the cover Mick Farren and the gang ended up in court for “Obscenity” and “Corrupting a minor”. How a copy of Nasty Tales came to be on sale in a Newsagents in 1971, and why an 8 year old would buy it rather than The Beano or The Dandy is lost in the mists of time. But I suppose, thinking back to when I was 8 years old I would be sent to buy cigarettes for my father (taking the opportunity to purchase the odd Mad magazine or Alan Class comic at the same time…) and the Newsagent never turned a hair. Now you hear tales of pensioners being asked to produce ID to buy alcohol in the Supermarket !!

Nasty Tales003

I see from the letters page that readers were commenting on the different quality of art between the more accomplished artwork of the American reprints of Mr Natural, The Fabulous Freak Brothers etc and the (mostly) rough-and-ready original UK material. The “punch line” of this strip drawn by Edward only make sense if you know who Lobby Ludd (Lobby Lud ??) is/was. There were many Lobby Ludds over the years (representing a variety of tabloid newspapers and handing out fivers) lurking around various seaside resorts throughout much of the C20th.

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The Trials of Nasty Tales003