Sandwich (?) Comics

Aug 26, 2009


This summer I’ve been reading a few French Panini Marvel and DC comics. I’m puzzled as to why they are different/better than the Panini comics available in the UK. The majority of the French-produced Panini comics are printed on glossy paper with card squarebound covers which make them ideal for your bookcase. The UK comics published by the same company may have card covers but the interior pages aren’t of as good quality paper and they are still held together by two staples. To complicate matters Panini in France has a licence for Marvel and DC material. In the UK the DC franchise is licenced to Titan magazines, (who don’t seem to be making the most of it, only printing two bi-monthly DC titles).

As the demand for monthly “floppy” comics in the USA continues to decline, and as Panini sell comics in Italy, the UK, France, Spain, Brazil etc, Germany and many other countries in Europe, I’m pretty sure we must have reached the point where the number of Marvel reprints around the world published each month far exceeds the number of new Marvel comics produced in the USA !!!


This week I have been reading my usual combination of new magazines and old comics……………..