Captain Britain

Sep 4, 2009

Captain Britain

Not exactly the cheapest book I’ve ever bought (£60 !!!) but probably the most enjoyable. Captain Britain began in the mid 1970s as another identikit hero. His origin escapes me. Was he bitten by a radioactive hedgehog or did he find the sword Excalibur leaning against a tree?? I remember being underwhelmed by his pedestrian adventures in the first run of his title (overseen from the USA).

However once he was being handled by writers and artists with imagination this great run of 47 stories from various 1980s UK titles are perhaps the equal of any superheroic antics before or since, including the late/great (soon to be resurrected) Marvelman. Perhaps if I’d got a week or so to spare I could have dug out all my original copies of these magazines featuring Captain Britain. They’ll still be around here somewhere. But it’s nice to have them all collected together in this one volume…and now in colour too……. Highly recommended.

Captain Britain back

Oh, and if you click on the above image it might enlarge enough for you to make out the original comic covers in more detail.