Sep 14, 2009

Actually once your brain has accepted change it’s amazing how easy it becomes to throw things away. It only took a mere 6 vanloads and the garage was empty. Then I demolished the garage and had a new one built which now just contains fresh air and a car. Wonderful.

I then turned my attention to inside the house with particular attention to my personal “collections”. First to go was much of the old hi-fi,audio-visual junk. I wonder if one day in the future there will be people who collect early top-loading BETA and VHS video recorders ?  Currently you can’t even give them away… I know because I’ve tried !!!

As I chucked all the old black boxes away it did cross my mind how expensive hi-fi etc in the 1970s to 1990s  was when I was regularly buying it. I was once an “early adopter” and constantly bought the latest gadgets as they first appeared. I must have been mad.  Although I know you can’t really call it  hi-fi back in 1981 this twin cassette recorder cost a massive £99 !!! That was getting on for two week’s wages !!!  No wonder Sir Alan cruises around in a Rolls Royce !!

Twin Cassette Tape Recorder

The next stage is to reduce my book/magazine/comic collection. Luckily at work there is one of those newspaper skips with big slots to post armsfulls of magazines. So far the majority of my motor/motorbike/computer and music magazines (that had already found their way as far as my garage) have now been interred in this skip. I’ve been getting “Autocar” weekly for 30 years. Thats a mind-blowing 1500 issues for that title alone !!!.