Radio Caroline Postcards

Sep 24, 2009

Sometimes change creeps up on you and you suddenly remember things you used to do that you never do anymore. (Like listening to Radio Caroline for instance……..). And it isn’t too long ago when a holiday entailed sending postcards to people back home. There’s not much point these days with the constant communication of mobile phones and texting. Now you see people sitting on beaches or at the side of hotel swimming pools with their laptops checking their email (or perhaps writing their blogs!!)

I’m sure you can still get postcards but one day in the not too distant future they’ll completely disappear like the telegram. stop.

Radio Caroline North Postcard 1960s

Radio Caroline North Postcard 1960s back

Radio Caroline 1970s Postcard

Radio CarolinePostcard 1970s back

PS: I always thought his name was Bob Noakes. And I don’t think they achieved an output of 50kW very often !!