Elsons Presents

Beginning in 1967, Edward E.Elson built up a large chain of prime location gift shop/newsagents/convenience stores within Hotels, airports and large office buildings in the USA. By 1985, when he sold his company to our own W.H.Smiths there were over 200 shops.

In the early 1980s Elsons produced a few of their “own” comics. They actually consisted of 3 (remaindered?) coverless DC comics glued into a new cover. Now where have I seen that done before? (See the item on Thorpe and Porters Double Double comics on the right !!). Presumably in 1980 the practice of ripping covers off of unsold comics to return them for credit was still happening. There must have been mountains of coverless comics to pulp in the 1950s to 1980s. What a shame. And yet how surprising that no one in the USA had thought of repackaging them before……
Of course once the direct market began in force the systems of distribution/returns would change forever.

Elsons back cover

PS: Out of interest this particular comic contained the odd mixture of coverless copies of The New Teen Titans 3, Secrets of Haunted House 32 and Wonder Woman 275. As they are all dated January 1981 they would have been reasonably current. Perhaps they weren’t remaindered comics and may possibly have been “assembled” into their new covers as they were newly printed ??

PPS: There were six different issues produced. Oddly the covers for all six comics were identical with only the “series” numbers on the front of each issue to show they contained different comics !!

PPPS: And the apostrophe in “Elson’s” may well be grammatically correct but it does LOOK odd, just like those signs in Markets and Greengrocer shops where they sell “potato’s” and “carrot’s” !!! (I’ve just been reading that book about incorrect punctuation called “Eats shoots and leaves”…………..)