More Planet Karen

February 5, 2010

I’ve recently purchased some Webcomics in book form. Good stuff is good stuff in whatever format it is presented in. The book “Planet Karen: First Contact” collects together the first 200 of her Webcomic strips. Some are funny, some are sad. All are stamped with her unique “one girl vs the world” world view. I’ve visited Karen’s Webcomic site  for a few years now. So should you. When she’s mega-famous you can say you were there from the start…..

I bought my copy from Amazon but you can get a personalised version directly from Karen.

“People wonder where the joy in comics has gone. I’ll tell you where..Karen’s got it. She took it when we weren’t looking and has ingeniously injected it into even her darkest strips. Great stuff that gives me hope for the future.”
Gail Simone