Apr 20, 2010

I suppose the next thing will be a plague of frogs. Thanks to the volcanic ash blowing down from Iceland there won’t be any new comics this week. And there’s still no sign of my parcel from Air freight has been curtailed along with the passenger flights. Ironically the sky has never looked bluer thanks to a lack of planes. I wonder if they will dare produce any figures to show how much less CO2 has been emitted over the last week or so.

2 Responses to “Meteors”

  1. Dirigible Says:

    If you want a plague of frogs, I’ll happily send you up some of the 200 or so having sex in my pond at the moment.
    (no problem with the Attenborough nature stuff, nature’s wonderful. It’s the empty champagne bottles and coke wraps round the pool that naff me off – not to mention I don’t like the ‘Froggie Song’ for hours on end)

  2. A few years ago I actually did have a plague of frogs !! Some building work nearby meant a small stream being diverted into an underground pipe and a “pond” disappeared overnight. So all the frogs from there headed to the bottom of my garden. My pond was so full of black question marks squirming around that I had to take bucket-fulls of them to the local reservoir. Eventually I abandoned thoughts of mowing the lawn for a month when the miniature, perfectly formed frogs finally headed for dry land….

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