More Logic

Jun 8, 2010

I found a copy of issue No 3 at Knockabout Comics in London. Of course I should have thought of them in the first place as they actually publish the thing. I must make another visit to the “Dodgem Logic” website to see if  subscriptions are available yet. Number 4 is supposed to be out soon.

It is a good almost advert-free read for £3.50. I am pleased that magazines like this are still available in the UK in 2010. Oh and there’s a free gift of an exclusive iron-on transfer for your T Shirt or hippy tie-dyed Granddad Vest. It is a semi-clothed woman drawn by Melinda. I like the application instructions inside which say “Always ask an adult to help apply the transfer. Irons get very hot and should not be used by children”.
Lets hope they’re just being ironic because if little kids are reading this (and particularly last month’s) magazine we may soon be back around to a “Nasty Tales” type trial. Perhaps in a future issue they could include a free gift of one of those triangular pieces of cardboard that you used to swing through the air to make a bang/crack noise. I always liked them.

PS: I read this magazine whilst listening to “Dodgem Dude” by Michael Moorcock’s Deep Fix for the full multi-media experience !!!

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  1. dirigible Says:

    nothing wrong with the sentiment of the main article … I’ll concur until the cows come home, nay, even until my bones are washed up in aeons yet unknown on parched archaic shores of some latter-day continent …
    but I’m sorry, honestly, like on my knees supplication, please believe me oh how I tried, I’ve tried to resist, ultimately I have to say despite my love for Hawkwind, the godlike Simon House, my mis-gazed young-youth fixed on Moorcock books and a fleeting personal memory of Michael M’s kindness at Bill Butler’s funeral …

    as strongly as the ripple from the deepest flin-flipping memory of every ancestor of mine that had a spinal column.

    Mind you, I’ll keep trying …. perhaps one day I’ll get it, it’s only been 35 years or so.

    Nasty Tales … now that was a trial to fight for. As was the Little Red School-book. God bless all who fought in us.

  2. Ah well we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. In the end I couldn’t be arsed to rip the LP onto my computer but then at the weekend I accidentally found a free under-the-counter copy in a dingy corner of the Interweb. Listening to it for the first time since those pre-punk days I find it has a couple of tracks that exude a quaint mid 1970s charm…which is 2 more than you’ll find on any LP by Yes or Genesis.

    It looks like I chucked all my Moorcock paperbacks away years ago so you won’t hear me waffling on about him here. Although I was given an “ironic” copy of the 1964 “Boy’s World” Annual for my birthday recently and I noticed that one of the (better) prose stories within was written by Mr Moorcock.

  3. dirigible Says:

    of course I have to blow my point right out of the water by admitting I still have my vinyl copy – and if you exclude the 2nd Yes album, ‘Time and a Word’, which is an absolute stone classic throughout by any yardstick (try it – headphones, loud – tracks 1/7/10/04 in that order) yer right about the comparison.

    Not a patch on Bob Calvert’s stuff though – contemporary and later.

  4. Yes I think it’s time I dragged my Hawkwind LPs screaming into the light of day.

    And the Dead Kennedys “Holiday in Cambodia” and stuff like this:-

    There’s so much great music that doesn’t get enough recognition.

  5. dirigible Says:

    and on the Hawkwind riff (sorry, couldn’t resist) I made a compilation of Hawkwind’s instrumental tracks like ‘Winds of change’ ‘Opa-Loka’ ‘Forge of Vulcan (and one vocal – ‘Love in Space’) that my local plays regularly. Gets more people asking what it is than anything else they play.
    Mind you, they can also get away with Neu! tracks like ‘Fur Immer’ and ‘Hallogallo’ at low volume, so it’s possible that most of the customers must just think their hearing aid is on the fritz (sorry, couldn’t resist again).

  6. My local (and what seems like every pub in a 6 mile radius) has closed down so I don’t get that “live music” vibe anymore. Not that they played decent music. The landlord favoured country and western…mainly early Johnnny Cash…so no loss there then.

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