Honey West

Jun 9, 2010

Somewhere between the real TV channels and the red-light district at the far end of your Sky Box exists a strange twilight zone of bad movies and pointless programming in search of an audience. Someone somewhere must be watching these Satellite channels but the audience figures must be as low as the number of viewers of this blog. Thank goodness “The Lucy Show” and “Cheers” have now disappeared from the UK’s airwaves. But now instead we’ve got things like “The Porter Waggoner Show” with a teenaged Dolly Parton disguised in her grandmother’s dresses and wigs.

Luckily it doesn’t take too much to amuse me. Even “adult” sitcoms such as “The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman” and “Sordid Lives” are more watchable than the ghastly remakes of Opportunity Knocks that currently fill the prime time evening schedules. And I’ve even grown to like “Samantha Who”, although I’d hate to meet any of the shallow, self-obsessed characters featured therein in real life.

I have recently enjoyed all 30 episodes of “Honey West” that seem to have been on an endless loop in the middle of the night for the last 12 months. I don’t recall this series ever being shown in the UK when it was current in 1965/1966 but I could be wrong.

Ann Francis is the sexy female private eye and is basically an american version of Emma Peel or Modesty Blaise. For some reason she has a pet/wild ocelot in her swish apartment and an ever-present aunt in case people should draw the conclusion that she is sleeping with her male side-kick. Its all entertaining stuff that moves briskly along thanks to the 30 minute episode lengths. There was even a single comic based on the TV show produced by Dell in 1966.

So why do we get old stuff on TV that is invariably from the USA rather than the UK ?? I’m still waiting for the “Space Patrol” puppets and repeats of “Tiswas”. I want to see the comedy soap operas of yore such as “The Crezz”, “Beryl’s Lot”, “Making Out” and “Night and Day”. If I’m going to watch TV I want some escape back into a simpler world. I have a sudden inexplicable urge to watch “The Cuckoo Waltz” featuring Diane Keen. Now, what was their catch-phrase…..

HIM: “Fliss !”
HER: “Chris !”
BOTH: “Kiss !!”