Rod the odd mod

Jun 14, 2010

As I continue the seemingly endless task of de-cluttering the simplest solution continues to be to wedge yet more pieces of hi-fi and umpteen LPs into the attic rather than suffer the trauma of disposing of them in the skips. But why on earth did I ever buy a Graphic Equaliser and such large speakers in the first place ???

PS: It might take 3 “clicks” to make this large enough to read.

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  1. dirigible Says:

    A good equaliser was a must for decent sound once upon a time, and big speakers also – don’t forget it was long before most small speakers were any good. Not to mention using the extra speaker outputs to cross-wire the video through separate speakers (reverse-phase?) years before telly went stereo.

    I still use my Garrard 31 between my pc and speakers in preference to a software equaliser. It’s probably not technically true, but it sounds like a much warmer response, and definitely gives better channel control than most software with no memory overhead. Must be nearly 30 years old now, and it’s only ever blown a couple of fuses.

  2. I think at one point in the mid 1990s the lounge contained a stack of 15 black boxes. One of them was a (Hafler?) strange surround sound thing with a dial with a glowing circle and you could play around with your favourite tunes and bury the vocals/bring your favourite guitar solo to the front etc (as long as you had 6 speakers connected to it !!).

    Then I found you could get the same effect just by swapping a couple of speaker connections at the amp (which is probably what you mean by reverse phase ?) !!

    In time everything got sent to the back room, then the conservatory, and on to the attic… ah well….

    But I agree with you that anologue music is so much “warmer” than this low bit rate digital that the current batch of teenagers feel quite happy with. I have held on to my parent’s old 1950s HMV Radiogramme which once upon a time provided constant entertainment for the whole family. It contains a bulletproof Garrard (301 ?)deck in a sort of metallic/hammerite finish and lots of valves so to listen to the radio you had to “let it warm up”. No “shuffle mode” but you could stack 10 singles…..

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