Nuff Said 20

Jul 6, 2010

This drawing was in an old UK Fanzine many years ago. I don’t know if it was original or copied from somewhere else but I’ve always liked the symmetry it shows of some of the big two comic companies’ different-yet-similar heroes.

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  1. dirigibledave Says:

    more see how much earlier the DC characters were than Marvel’s.

    Although you’d have to ignore Wolverine as a comparison, because there isn’t really one anywhere, only Man-Thing is a close cookie – maybe released a couple of months before Swamp Thing (but too near to say either is a copy). And, if we’re being picky, really it’s not fair for them to compare Batman and CA, but let’s not bother.

    What comic was that from?

  2. Grud alone knows!! It was a loose page that had been ripped out of a magazine and slipped inside a 1970s UK Batman Annual. The younger me often used to do that…evidentally thinking that the current me would find it round about July 2010………..(see also the next post incidentally for similar happenings). Lets take a wild guess and say perhaps a very early issue of Dez Skinn’s Fantasy Advertiser ??

  3. dirigibledave Says:

    hmmm … the page proportions don’t suggest FA (I’m assuming it’s a straight page scan here), and the print quality and art are too good for early UK fanzines. The font on the ‘Now Monthly’ is very similar to one used in early Amazing Heroes.
    Would the stuff on the back help date/identify it? From the bleedthrough, I can only make out a seated bearded man in a robe reading a comic and the letters Wh?o? and possibly osts?. An ad of some kind, perhaps for EC reprints?
    NOt important, but high on the anally retentive geek-ometer

  4. I suppose I could try carbon dating of the paper and scrape samples of the ink……….

    It isn’t the full page. But I’ll stick with 1970s and the UK but that isn’t much help to me as I bought all the UK Fanzines in the 1970s before I saw the light.

    The back of the cutting is here

  5. dirigibledave Says:

    Graphic Sense was one of Gez Kelly’s fanzines. That dates the spread to 1979 or later, as it was 15p in 1978 when it first came out. Sadly I don’t have many fanzines from that early on, especially FA, so that’s the end of that.
    As I mentioned, the print quality is surprisingly good – even as late as 1983 FA, which was one of the better printed fanzines, still had fairly dreadful art repro quality.

  6. Now that all comics are available as cbr/cbz files perhaps some madman will start scanning fanzines ?? (but not the tedious Comics Journal…) Even the adverts in the UK ‘zines would be interesting now (although many of those names still appear but nowadays just on eBay). Am I dreaming or did I once regularly get a UK fanzine called BEM..which presumably stands for Bug Eyed Monster ??

    A year or so back I made the mistake of subscribing to Comics International. I think I’ve had two issues. Killed by the Intergrid methinks…..

    As for the drawing by persons unknown from mystery unknown publication guess that will remain a mystery. I used to blag loads of fanzines from friends and enemies when I regularly attended Comic Marts.

    And it just goes to prove that there’s no point coming to this blog and expecting any facts or any figures of any kind. Questions are a burden to others and answers are a prison for oneself or something like that.

  7. dirigibledave Says:

    as to your last sentence, of course we have to go and prove it wrong just for once:-)
    Yep, BEM was a Martin Lock fanzine, one of the best the UK ever produced. I still dig them out every now and again for a nostalgia fix – always great art and articles. If I remember right, a young Lew Stringer used to do a column on British comics in it – and still does sterling service to our backwater at Blimey!
    as to those naughty cbrs – have a little looky around where Swedish buccaneers sail, there’s almost a complete run of Amazing Heroes available now, not to mention loads of others, including later issues of the wondrous TCR-The Comic Reader. Even easier, get a copy of BitChe, a lovely simple little piece of software that searches for downloadable stuff across the whole of the interthingy. No Brit stuff, though – and it’s getting a mite expensive on E-Bay these days.

    Strewth, too much real information – best get back to real inconsequentialities!

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