Jul 8, 2010

The UK comic Ranger was published for a mere 40 weekly issues beginning 18th September 1965 before merging into Look and Learn in June 1966.

It is most remembered for the epic “The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire”. It also introduced Asterix the Gaul to the UK in re-titled, translated one page strips.

I must have purchased the first few issues of Ranger at least as, although I may not still have the comics I recently discovered that the free gift from Ranger No 2 was still on my bookshelf, slipped between the pages of a Ranger Annual (actually called The Ranger Book 1967……….funny how they still issued Annuals months or even years after the comic of the same title had already finished). You got 4 stickers along with Issue 2. You had to buy Issues 3 and 4 to get the rest of the stickers to complete the booklet. We must have been easily pleased in those days !!

Donald Campbells book of Record Breakers