Nothing on the Internet

Aug 13, 2010

When my computer crashed last year I lost all my “favourite” sites and have never missed a single one. Places like Friends Re-united. It must be 10 years since I visited there. Didn’t ITV buy the site for £millions and fail miserably ? Then there was Bebo, MySpace and numerous others. I wonder why Facebook has succeeded where so many have failed ? Facebook has 40 million accounts in the UK alone. And this is a company/idea that didn’t exist even five years ago. Although, 40 million accounts doesn’t mean 40 million individual people. Every shop and business right up to the BBC1 TV Breakfast show has adopted a can’t beat em so lets join em attitude and signed up to Facebook. Not me. I’ll just persevere with this blog. The alternative is to visit Poundland to buy a scrapbook and go back to sticking newspaper cuttings into it. …..

I’ve only just discovered “Planet Blue”, Dory Previn’s fascinating eco album from 2002. It’s a very early example of music available not on CD or DVD but just as a free (and legitimate) download from If by some chance you have missed this curiosity/work of genius (delete as appropriate) it gets a highly recommended from me. So perhaps there still is something to be found on the Internet if you search hard enough….