Nuff Said 23

Sep 23, 2010

If you click on the picture once or twice it might enlarge enough for you to make out the names. How many do you recognise?

4 Responses to “Nuff Said 23”

  1. dirigibledave Says:

    what a great page.

    in a perfect world, of course, there’d be about a thousand messages saying ‘what about … ‘ although of course many of them would be rubbish modern artists without any value other than ‘fanboy’ idolatry (no names, if you don’t mind).

    Still … can I just say that among many I must have missed Hunt Emerson somewhere? OK, I won’t.

  2. As the page is from an issue of A1 from Atomeka Press Hunt Emerson is entirely the type of person that would feature in such a list. My scanner has an infuriating habit of chopping off the bottom half inch of all pictures so perhaps his name was on the bottom line.

    There must be a serious problem with the fabric of time and space in my house as I am only just getting round to reading issues of A1 that I purchased 20 years ago. I remain bemused as to why such delightful characters as The Actress and the Bishop and the Bojeffries family haven’t become the household names they deserved to be……in a perfect world etc etc

  3. dirigibledave Says:

    never mind, eh … at least some of us are there to wave the flags for stuff that’s not just godlike Moore material.

    And as for problems with space and time, I’ve only just managed to re-materialise from a week’s shock of finding albums my ancient memory banks are too acid-frazzled to recall on

    Truly dangerous, but delicious

  4. I have actually moved a decade forward in time today and have just begun listening (for the first time) to 69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields. A Xmas present when it was first released (10 years ago ??) this TRIPLE CD has somehow found its way to the top of the heap. I’ve been told it is/was a masterpiece ? If not it gets chucked…….my new philosophy……..

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