A change is gonna come…

Oct 5, 2010

I used to embrace change. Now it just irritates me. Once I’d know the names of all the cabinet ministers. Now I’d be hard pressed to recognise the current Prime Minister(s) if I saw him/them in the street. And everything seems to be getting a makeover/facelift apart from me. I can barely find my own blog since WordPress re-arranged their desktop deckchairs. Rapidshare used to be a useful tool until last week’s re-design and it’s now top of my list of places to avoid like the plague. It will crash your PC if you have the temerity to attempt to navigate away. (In fact my new resolution is to never ever click on any download link other than box).

So just when I was getting p—ed off with my PC and life in general it was nice to receive this obviously totally genuine eMail. Hooray !! Looks like a larger house is on the cards after all !!

“My name is Mohammed. I am a dying man who have decided to donate the sum of $18m million dollars.) to you for the good work of the humanity.
Please contact me via. Email for details information on this noble project of mine Please note that I have WILLED $18m to you by quoting my personal reference number so that i can confirm that you actually received my email notice to you.”
Wassalam and regards,
Mohammed Ahmed

PS: And better still, with my new-found wealth I can now afford this genuine Monet I’ve been offered. I asked if I could see it first before I paid but they said that wasn’t awfully convenient. As soon as they get my bank details they’re going to parcel it up and send it by UPS. I’ve even been promised a tracking number and a link to click on…

4 Responses to “A change is gonna come…”

  1. Tim Says:

    I just unboxed my old batman cards from the 1966 black, red, blue bat, and bat laffs series. Do you know of anyone who wants to trade or sell for the ones I am missing? I have duplicates of some.

  2. No, but I have a genuine Monet going cheap.

  3. dirigibledave Says:

    Never realised Monet had a drink problem before, but he was clearly trolleyed when he worked on that one

    (I’m sorry – I held off for hours, but in the end the dog made me do it, honest)

  4. Actually I quite fancy myself as an artist since I chucked all the hifi out of the conservatory and set up an easel.Perhaps a Lichtensteinesque She Hulk ?? But I’ve yet to wet the brushes….

    Monet only painted what he saw from his garden. So if he’d been alive today no doubt we’d get more like this

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