Alan Moore Space Adventurer

Dec 22, 2010

Here’s another forgotten character from comics-past. Alan Moore was never as famous as Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers or even Tommy Tomorrow of the Planeteers. He may only have made this lone appearance in Key Publications “Weird Tales of the Future” No 2 cover dated  June 1952. This short running (8 issue) anthology title is collected now due to the inclusion of weird stories (and sometimes covers) weirdly drawn by the weird Basil Wolverton.

6 Responses to “Alan Moore Space Adventurer”

  1. Niblet Says:

    This story is evidently set during the great galactic trouser shortage of 2568.

  2. Dave Roberts Says:

    Ah nice to see that mini dresses and pointy bra’s are still popular in 2569 though!

  3. Dave Roberts Says:

    I mean 2568!

  4. I think mini skirts were invented by the cover artists of 1930s SF pulp magazines to shift product.Fiction House comics made great use of mini skirts long before they were “invented” in the 1960s.

    Also see the Flash Gordon “cliff hanger” serials currently showing on a satellite dish near you. Hard to believe I saw these first time round (for me) at the Cinema on Saturday afternoons in the sixties (when they were then already almost 30 years old).

    Talking of fashion, I am told hats for men (that’s proper hats not baseball caps) are once again a must-have accessory in the winter of 2010. What goes around comes around. I am sure mini skirts will still be worn in 2568 or even these if you’ve got the legs for them….

  5. Says:

    Hmmm… GB Club or ABC Minor?
    War can still break out, you know – it ain’t over.
    Heh heh

    Oh yeah, before you reply – I’d just like to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a thanks for much entertainment and reminiscence this year. It’s been grand, and I look forward to much more, and a year with more responses to your sterling efforts. Glass raised .. to you and yours and a long memory.


  6. Dunno if my local flea pit was involved in any cinema club shenanigans. There was no annoucing kids birthdays. Just Childrens Film Foundation features to yawn through whilst I waited for the Mighty Mouse cartoons. And if I walked the two miles home I could use the 3d bus fare for another second-hand DC comic from a market stall. Or go back to a friend’s house unannounced for tea. Funny how parents didn’t seem to worry/notice where their 8 year old child was back then.

    Yes and Merry Crimble to all of you who have gone out of your way to comment here….I mean it’s not like it’s compulsary…(Apart from the one I had to delete the other day who insisted in four letter words that Pandora Spocks didn’t actually exist).

    I will continue with my brief and inconsequential postings once the Xmas decorations have been taken down(although I did consider talking about the recently deceased Ralph Coates/Captain Beefheart/Tuli Kupferberg etc but I think I’ll leave all that to the “serious” bloggers).

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