Jan 18, 2011

In “Google Sky” somewhere between Capricornus and Sagittarius you can find this peculiar sight. Is it just a fingerprint smudge or something more sinister ??

4 Responses to “Puzzle”

  1. Niblet Says:

    I’m still trying to assimilate the fact that reality might be generated from a hologram at the edge of the universe (according to scientists on BBC’s Horizon), don’t worry me with this as well 😉

  2. A scientist once said to me that he didn’t understand quantum physics or reality either. He said all matter, including human beings are supposedly made up of atoms. But an atom consists of a tiny nucleus surrounded by an empty space within which minute electrons spin around it. So if people could be put under some super microscope presumably we would just appear to be composed of a sea of trillions of sand grains in perpetual motion. Makes your brain hurt.

  3. dirigbledave@gmail.com Says:

    After getting my daughter to wave her mobile in front of the image in case it was a free year’s worth of Morlands Oxford Blue or a link to download old issues of NME, I realised …
    simples, it’s Ego – the living planet.

    Nothing to worry about – just one of Jack Kirby’s jokes now he’s an Eternal and has a larger paint brush.

    Next year – Voyager discovers Devil Dinosaur the planet and loses the will to explore space.

  4. I too thought of a Kirby connection…Apokolips though. Or a Borg mother ship from Star Trek. Do you think someone at Google is having a private joke with this. Guess it’s the sort of thing I’d do if I was unlucky enough to work there…….

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