Can anyone point me in the direction of “Wall of Noise” by Doctor Mix and the Remix ?? The original LP from 1979 and the CD re-issue from 2003 both seem to command in excess of £40. I don’t need it that bad.

However having just re-discovered three tracks from the album in glorious muddy mono on an old mix tape I have a sudden urge to hear the rest of it again. I’m pretty sure I owned the LP once. It was probably in that stack of records abandoned at an ex-girlfriends a lifetime ago. That would also explain what happened to all my Dylan/Stones/Pink Floyd LPs.

Apparently Doctor Mix and the Remix were from France and also went by the name Metal Urbain. The tracks from 1979 I’ve been listening to today still sound pretty modern to these (admittedly old) ears. I’m sure their buzz-saw drones inspired the likes of Suicide, The Jesus and Mary Chain and a host of the more electronic UK bands of the 1980s. I’ve just been playing this loudly and for the first time for a very long time heard a voice from the kitchen call “Turn that racket down!”.