More DCC

Mar 21, 2011

Here is a review from circa 1992 of the then-about-to-be-lanched DCC.

Sometimes the public remains indifferent to new trends and ideas. Almost 20 years ago now they tried (and failed) to convince us that DCC (Digital Compact Cassette) was the next big thing. I’m sure they got the pricing completely wrong. It takes time for new hi-fi to be integrated into car dashboards and portable units weren’t as portable as a Sony Walkman. Throughout the 1990s I remained quite content listening to analog compact cassettes. The DCC equipment I foolishly purchased remains the white ( actually) elephant of my hifi system. Without the development of/reduction in price of home PCs, broadband internet connections and all the i-stuff….and if the record labels had managed to keep a tighter grip on their product perhaps we would still be buying digital cassette tapes today……