In the beginning

Apr 1, 2011

Action Comics is about to celebrate its 900th edition (thanks in part to a period when it was issued weekly). From 10 cents to (drawing the line at) $2.99 isn’t too bad over a 73 year period. Let’s hope they’ve now done with that rubbish/drawn out Lex Luthor story and we can see a return of the comics’ proper star character. I don’t know what they were thinking of having Lex as the “star” of Action. It’s as ridiculous as having Spiderman as a member of the Fantastic Four !! Luckily that is unlikely ever to happen. If it ever did I would eat my Queen-size Millie the Model Annual !! Anyway, if Action Comics continues its current monthly schedule (and “floppies” continue to get printed) number 1000 should arrive in a mere 8 years time in 2019. Coincidentally by then it will be exactly 100 years since Ma and Pa Wayne found the infant Kal El in his crashed space ship in that alleyway as they walked home from a night at the theatre.