Red Comet revisited

Apr 25, 2011

Gosh, he certainly does look red on the cover. The muddy black and white interior artwork isn’t that marvelous either but I’ve scanned it anyway. It was difficult to read in the comic also, with the last story looking particularly washed out as if they were running out of ink in the printing press. I suffer for my art. Now it’s your turn.

Red Comet – The Interplanetary Marvel No 3 Atlas Comics UK

I never liked Judge Dredd (or 2000AD for that matter). That comic began during a period when I had little interest in comics and was perhaps buying just a couple of Warrens each month. I wouldn’t return to purchasing UK comics on a regular basis until the 1980s and Warrior. I’d buy an issue of 2000AD perhaps once a year just out of curiosity. At the risk of enraging Tharg and his supporters, I don’t see that Mr Dredd has any personality to engage the reader. I wouldn’t care if he got blown up or not. I’m sure that was the idea. He’s just a cypher. Like in the Astro City comics that came much later it is the characters both good and bad inhabiting the Megacity that drive the plots. A couple of years ago I purchased a random issue of 2000AD which contained what I consider to be one of the better Judge Dredd stories. So to contrast and compare here is a UK SF comic strip from almost 50 years after the Red Comet. If nothing else it shows how the printing processes have improved immeasurably. Splundig Vur Thrigg. 

Judge Dredd story – 2000AD

PS: These comics below appeared in a forum earlier this year as jpg images. I decided to convert them into cbz files for my own convenience.  As you seldom see copies of Miller and Atlas comics these days, let alone scans of them I thought they were worth putting back out to the Interweb again…….

Diamond Adventure Comics No 11 Atlas Comics UK

Captain Tornado No 86 Miller Comics UK

Marvelman No 328 Miller Comics UK


PPS: The Marvelman comic is from 1959. The back cover has this advert for the Magic Tricks/Novelties Mail Order Company (and shop) Ellisdons. They were still going strong in the 1960s when I would send off for a variety of fab gear/tat that usually required a Postal Order of around 1/6d not forgetting the 6d post and packing. Do you remember the strange “throw your voice” device you had to hold in your mouth and be careful not to swallow !! Or the wonderfully named “Seebackroscope” ??

3 Responses to “Red Comet revisited”

  1. Dave Roberts Says:

    Ah “Ellisdons” ! The promise of the adverts nearly always led to disappointment and the result was a pile of discarded tat. I used to scan the fine print of their catalogue for any hidden gems to buy. My favourite was “Magic Putty” which came in grey plastic cone and had a flesh like pink colour. This gradually darkened after many happy hours pulling the print off comics and bouncing it on the ground ( a bit like a “Wammo Super Ball” but less hard ). I actually used to chew it like chewing gum too!I wonder if that’s how I got worms as a boy? It stretched for several feet if you pulled it apart slowly and snapped if pulled apart sharply etc etc. I loved my “Magic Putty” almost as much as my “Magic Robot” and life was simple.

  2. Can you still get “Wammo super balls” ?? What dangerous weapons they were. Slamming them against the pavement and actually bouncing them over the house and onto the back lawn/unsuspecting family….there were also mini super balls ideal for wreaking havoc in classrooms….

  3. Dave Roberts Says:

    “Wammo Super Balls” did bounce in a lethal way, as you say. They were rock hard too.The only colour that I saw them in was an ominous black and the shiny outer surface material chipped off eventually making the bounce even more erratic. I remember a school mate losing a couple of front teeth when his Super Ball bounced right up into his lower jaw and knocked his jaws together with a dull clunk. The Health and Safety Executive probably wouldn’t authorise such a demented rubber ball like “Wammo” these days! Boy did they bounce. The mini balls didn’t satisfy in the way the full size balls did.

    I am sure that “Red Comet” could have used a few “Wammo Super Balls” to fell that Dino monster depicted on the front of his rather rouge comic cover too. “Red Comet with Balls” gets my vote!

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