Sensational or Savage ?

Jun 2, 2011

Do you remember when comics used to be fun?? Me too, but only just…it seems so long ago. I’m currently re-reading a stack of She-Hulks from the days when John Byrne was on top form and Marvel comics still had prices in both £££s and $$$s on the covers . The then (reasonably) novel idea was having Jennifer break the fourth wall by talking directly to the reader. In some issues she even seems to be aware that she is inside a comic book !

I’m pleased to see the first 8 issues of “Sensational She-Hulk” have now been re-issued in book form with hopefully more to follow. The previous “Savage She-Hulk” series was collected into one of those black and white “Essentials” books but the interior pages just aren’t green enough. And what’s with all these multiple/different coloured Incredible Hulks anyway ? Has he been exposed to Rainbow Kryptonite ? Hulks (and Lanterns for that matter) should just be green.