Number one

Jul 12, 2011

Welcome to the first post in this Weblog. In a vain attempt to attract new readers (and alienate the last few old ones) the franchise has been re-booted back to number one and I am now sporting a trendy new costume. My all-black attire has now been replaced with a pink blouse and a ginger Rebekah Brooks medusa fright wig. Gone are the musings on musty magazines and old music. In the future I will only be writing about interesting modern stuff. (Consequently expect to often see a blank screen in this spot).

Well, all the comics are doing it……even Action Comics after issue 904 will begin again at number 1….so much for 73 years of history and tradition…… and just to confuse future Internet Googlers here is a picture of the wrong Action Comics number 1…….

Didn’t they re-boot the DC Universe already back in the 1980s ?? Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash etc all returned to issue No 1 then. I think it’s a shame that they couldn’t at least keep the numbering intact for the once-flagship titles Action and Detective Comics. Over the last 20 years there have been too many titles and too many writers and too many convoluted storylines. It will need a lot more than new costumes to sort out the mess. Far from being a jumping-on point, for me it will be a nice and tidy getting-off point. I’d already decided they were scraping the bottom of the barrel with current plots and meaningless crossovers like Countdown and Flashpoint. So long DC, and thanks for all the tosh.