Car Radio

Sep 23, 2011

Whilst replacing the broken radio/cd player in the car my mind wandered back to the days when they weren’t an integral part of the dash but an expensive bolt-on extra. When I bought cheap second hand cars in the 1970s invariably the previous owner  kept the radio. I’d resort to chopping chunks out of the dashboard to ram mine in place or I’d just nail one underneath the dash and chuck an antique speaker somewhere in the back. Wire coat hangers were invaluable. An electric aerial would have cost more than I’d paid for the car. As my current car is 7 years old I’ve no idea what you get these days. Probably we’ve gone back to just leaving a gap in the dashboard where people can put their idevice ??? 

Thirteeen and a half ?….Fifteen ?…..Twenty One Guineas ?? Blimey !!