Interesting Modern Stuff

Sep 29, 2011

I couldn’t actually find any interesting modern stuff so perhaps you could paste your favourite picture in the convenient space provided on the screen. (You should find some sellotape in the cupboard or possibly in the second drawer down).

And then again…..At least modern stuff is relatively affordable. I’ve recently been sent a few pages from an old Tandy Catalogue from 25 years ago. Everything within looks completely naff and monsterously overpriced. Over £900 for a dot matrix printer that is still only “near letter-quality”! Almost three grand for a computer with a mere 20Mb hard disk! Sad to say I once had one with a similar specification.The portable CD player looks like it is housed in the same box as their £14.99 cassette players…..

extracts from a Tandy Catalogue 1986-1987