Need to read

Apr 1, 2012

Stu the Human comics are extremely scarce in this dimension. They are reasonably easy to obtain on Duckworld despite the comics (and the subsequent film) failing to meet expectations. After all, what sane water fowl could believe in such a far-fetched premise as a talking hairless ape.

Here are some other comics on my “wants” list. The Sentry is potentially the most powerful hero in the Marvel universe. He also appears in some of the most ridiculously bonkers stories since the Superman/Captain Marvel/Marvelman days in the 1950s.

“Tales to Stupefy” was a short-lived companion comic to Suspense and Astonish. A fire in a warehouse destroyed all known issues of No 13 days before its release.

The writer of “Gonad” depicted what life would really be like for Barbarians sleeping rough in forests for years at a time. A 3D Scratch-n-sniff limited edition was planned but never issued.

Alcoholics Illustrated was either 35c or available free if you sent in 500 Shotz Beer ring-pulls.

The Second Comics Code of 1960 (repealed 1961) banned any violence whatsoever from comics. “Tales to Mildly Amuse” reworked artwork from earlier issues of “Stupify” to comply with this new code.

“Space Action” only lasted a few issues after DC entered litigation claiming they owned the right to the word “action”. Fawcett was sueing Atlas/Timely at the same time saying they owned the rights to the word “captain”.

It has been suggested that as Newton Comics may not have paid Marvel for some of the artwork they subsequently printed that technically just by reading those comics you were committing a criminal offence.

There is a world of comics you’ve never heard of out there. “Fantastiske Fire” bears similarities with another comic you may have come across. The cover is re-coloured/re-drawn. Here, Sue goes by the name of “den usynlige piken”.

The Wham-O Giant Comic Book of 1967 claims to be the world’s largest comic book at the American/Imperial measurements of 14″ x 21″. I suspect our own “The Big One” which ran for 19 weekly issues in 1964/1965 may have been ½” bigger all round as it was printed on the same presses as broadsheet newspapers.

I didn’t know “beat off” was American slang for masturbation. Evidentally neither did the writer of this 1968 Archie Comic.

If you saw a magazine containing an article entitled “How to get in and out of bed” could you resist buying it?

So, I missed all these magazines and would love to read them. If you have any of these issues or similar let me know………..

PS: And if you’d like something slightly comic-related to listen to try this.