Waiting for Sugar

May 1, 2012

Some pop songs become standards that defy the ages. “Sugar Sugar” was a Number One hit on both sides of the atlantic in 1969 for a group of session men who were no doubt only paid for their studio time.

JK released his “heavy” instrumental version of the tune under the name of Sakkarin also on RCA in 1971. This again made the charts, peaking at 12 in the UK. You can hear that and the original bubblegum version on UToob. It was only recently after a rare visit to the local ye olde seconde hand record shop that I tracked down a copy of JK’s/Sakkarin’s frankly average follow up “Hang on Sloopy”. This one has a bit more vocals and a bit less drums and lead guitar, so it doesn’t immediately grab you like the “Sugar Sugar” instrumental. I don’t recall it getting much radio play and it is so obscure it isn’t even on UToob. Although already by 1971 JK was no stranger to “protest” songs the “b” side “What you think is just a joke (is America today)” still seems odd coming from a man who would go on to have a popular TV show praising all things American.

Actually, I’m getting off-topic. The whole purpose of this post was to say that I think Mark Vidler’s Go Home Productions’ mix of John Cale’s piano from the VU’s “I’m waiting for the man” (and a snatch of his vocal from “The murder mystery”) with “Sugar Sugar” here was one of his most inspired tracks and after 5 years still remains on heavy rotation at Magic Robot Towers.

PS: If you’re curious about the DJ/Producer  Mark Vidler and other  Go Home Productions now would be the ideal time to visit his site and hear some other groovy musical mashup/mixes.