Spot the dashboard

Aug 1, 2012

I don’t think there’s enough sport on TV. I’ve searched all 40-odd channels and pressed red buttons and still can’t find the Tiddlywinks semi final or the mixed doubles mud wrestling. I’ll have to watch this DVD instead. I still haven’t made my mind up about the sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. It was originally shown in the late 1970s/early 1980s when fashion hell was compulsary attire and contemporary sitcoms like “Taxi”, “Soap” and “Mary Hartman” etc etc thrived.

I’m enjoying the hilarious running commentry option where the actors discuss the bonkers plots (what, Turkeys can’t fly!!) and laugh at the clothes and hairdos on display. They don’t address the things I notice though. Why is Dr Johnny Fever unable to cue a record? Why does he only ever seem to be playing track one of any given LP? Sometimes the stylus seems to be an inch or two above the spinning record! I like Jennifer’s job description. She is employed as “decoration” and is the highest paid member of staff! She’s a receptionist who refuses to answer the phone, do any typing or make coffee for anyone but herself. The first episode sees the dull-as-ditchwater radio station instantly change format mid morning, mid show, mid record, from easy listening to rock with “hilarious results”. I don’t like format radio and always puzzled how someone could listen to rock or country all day every day, never being exposed to anything new or different. My ideal radio station would have variety and shows that were only 30 minutes or an hour long….rather like Radio 4 only with a lot more music.

PS: Only Season One (of the four series produced) seems to be currently available on DVD and that is spoilt somewhat by the lack of the (too expensive to licence I suppose) real current rock/pop music that interspersed the original TV episodes.

PPS: In the intro to the first few episodes we see a glimpse of a car dashboard. It looks like it belongs to a 1960s Triumph of some description and it’s driving me mad that I can’t identify it. The switchgear is familiar but oddly positioned. It’s definitely not a Spitfire or a GT6. I doubt it belongs to a TR5 or TR6. It’s not a 1300/1500/Toledo/Dolomite, Stag or 2000/2500 saloon. There’s too much stuff on the dash for it to be a Herald. So does the dashboard belong to someones much-modified LHD Triumph Vitesse or even a Bond Equipe ???? My Equipe has the ignition key in exactly the same spot but the radio is in its proper place which is in a unit that fits between the gearbox hump and the dash. Can anyone confirm my theory????

PPPS: UPDATE SEPT 2012: Well, a kind soul has finally put me out of my misery. It seems the dashboard belongs to an MGB which, in hindsight seems obvious. Although looking around the Interweb I can only find pictures of MGBs with black dashboards…..

PPPPS: Isn’t “dashboard” an odd word. What on earth does it mean?? Was it something to do with the “splash boards” that kept your feet dry on carts pulled by horses? I believe they were also called “dashboards” and the term was continued with the horseless carriages of 100 years ago and on until today????

PPPPPS: The Olympics on TV are great….as long as you keep the sound turned down…..

IDIOT CONDESCENDING CLUELESS BBC “SPORTS REPORTER”: “When did you actually realise you had won?”